If you have an electronic notification, you can always set up your payments automatically to be paid during a particular duration. It would save your time instead of physically running behind each transaction.

Have you heard about the online check images? Most banks have a facility to show us the image of the check, to check for the reason of the payment. This commonly happens when you often make payments online and you want to verify a particular check after a while.

This process is quite helpful. Online deposit slip images can be used for tax purposes most often while most banks have a total with no image, this image helps you view your deposit images for a particular transaction. This happens when a particular amount which is quite huge is deposited in your account.

One of the interesting features a bank allows while having an account set up for the first time, you can set up several accounts in your name sitting at home and you can get your transactions done as and when required. Reporting tool is also an interesting concept of online banking.

Say for example you have a mortgage, hence reporting tools help you to view how much you have spent while paying this mortgage over a period of time. Likewise there are numerous features in online banking that has made our lives easier